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Inspiration developing young people’s skills within technology, through a safe and positive practical experience.

We connect up motors that move arms using computer code, alarms that sound when someone opens our wardrobe door and send a Tweet when the sun shines in your window! On the first day you will make a radio transmitter to play music to your neighbours! All of this uses low voltage electronics and structured routines with an introduction to computer programming in a way that sparks a desire to learn more.

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Using the 5-volt Raspberry Pi computer, lights, wires, switches, sensors. motors and some computer programming, we provide a few hours of fun making something achievable, leading to an interest in something exciting – a career maybe! Our offer is completely portable and we can come to you days, evenings or even weekends.

Each student takes home the micro-sd card with their program code and with a little bit of saving they could buy the £10 budget version of the Raspberry Pi for themselves, carrying on their development and learning. We look forward to letting you know more about what we offer and how we can help you inspire young people to enjoy computer coding and maybe start making their own computer games, solve local issues or get the job of a lifetime!

Raspberry Pi

We use the Raspberry Pi computer and some low voltage electronics. A Raspberry Pi is a small computer with contact pins that we can connect lights, switches, motor drivers to it and much more.

Using some examples, we offer a suggestion to adapt and evolve some existing code, then adding to it to get people understanding how it all works and how they can make their own projects come to life with the budget Raspberry Pi computer.

We use the ‘Raspberry Pi 3’, but the programming made in the classroom can also work on the budget £5 ‘Pi Zero’. Giving the student their SD card with the operating system, example code, some project and the very own code that they have been working on.

If the students can access a Raspberry Pi after their experience with us, they can sign up to our mailing list, get new projects, code and programs by email and carry on building mega projects.




Andy used a Raspberry Pi computer to progress his career a few years back and now wants to give others the same insight in to electronics and computer code with Make It Technology. Mixing his electrical engineering background and knowledge of the Raspberry Pi, the Make-it.Technology offer goes out with tailored sessions of interactive, computer and electronics education using computer coding with the Python programming language.

The £35.00 Raspberry Pi computer was developed to get young people coding with over 11 million sold world wide. When Andy was a teenager, he and his friends were able to write computer games on their ZX Spectrum’s and Atari computers. Young people now have Xbox and PlayStation type consoles that can’t be programmed. With a shortage of computer programmers in the UK, Make It Technology is great start for a career as well as developing thinking, problem solving and making something cool!

Make It Technology is being set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC) and funding has already been awarded for portable stations to take to venues. Please register interest below. We will bring small computers, screens, wires lights, switches and sensors – we just need power and desks!

We are currently seeking additional funding and support after doing our market research to make sure there is a need for what Make It Technology is offering. We have already spoken to local service providers who are very keen, wanting us to deliver our fun and exciting sessions as soon as we are set up and ready. Are you an activities provider, school or college? – Please sign up to our mailing list and let us keep you up to date with funding, our offer and if we can help you or better still, if you can help us!


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