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What is it?

We connect up motors that move arms using computer code, alarms that sound when someone opens our wardrobe door and send a Tweet when the sun shines in your window! On the first day you will make a radio transmitter to play music to your neighbours! All of this uses low voltage electronics and structured routines with an introduction to computer programming in a way that sparks a desire to learn more.

Using the 5-volt Raspberry Pi computer, lights, wires, switches, sensors. motors and some computer programming, we provide a few hours of fun making something achievable, leading to an interest in something exciting – a career maybe! Our offer is completely portable and we can come to you days, evenings or even weekends for groups, pairs or one-to-one.

We look forward to letting you know more about what we offer and how we can help you inspire young people to enjoy computer coding and maybe start making their own computer games, solve local issues or get the job of a lifetime!

Please do get in-touch for a chat!  We are taking the names of college, schools and university course leaders, service providers, staff and interested parties inviting you to sign up to our mailing list to keep up with information, free taster sessions, courses, content and funding progress.