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Giving young people access to learning code, in a world formed by operating systems and language to shape that world is important for the developing their future and maybe a career in languages. While children should be encourage to play in the mud, fall over and ride bikes in the sun, it’s OK to give them the introduction to technology to form their own opinions.

There is a shortage of computer programmers in the UK and this is why the Raspberry Pi was introduced, with over 11 million sold world-wide. Identifying natural talent for coding (some with dyslexia and ADD or ADHD, Autism and Aspergers) is a massive outcome for many that ‘soak up’ the learning we offer. We can then sent them in the right direction towards a career (when they are ready).

Benefits of the Make-it.technology project.

  1. Portable and adaptable to your curriculum needs.
  2. Flexible lessons, changing with the students skills sets.
  3. Fun learning with environments that young people understand.
  4. Exciting outcomes and feel good rewards when the code works.
  5. Learning a new skill, towards a rewarding career.
  6. Confidence with a ‘I can do it’ reward.