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Raspberry Pi

One of the ten initial Raspberry Pi's we use.We use the Raspberry Pi computer and some low voltage electronics. A Raspberry Pi is a small computer with contact pins that we can connect lights, switches, motor drivers to it and much more.

Using some examples, we offer a suggestion to adapt and evolve some existing code, then adding to it to get people understanding how it all works and how they can make their own projects come to life with the budget Raspberry Pi computer.

We use the ‘Raspberry Pi 3’, but the programming made in the classroom can also work on the budget £5 ‘Pi Zero’. Giving the student their SD card with the operating system, example code, some project and the very own code that they have been working on.

If the students can access a Raspberry Pi after their experience with us, they can sign up to our mailing list, get new projects, code and programs by email and carry on building mega projects.