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  • Our first gig!

    Make-it.technology’s has covered a few of the regular engagements with Out Loud iRock in Ipswich for young people to come along and have a go at some of the sessions that we have devised and it’s been a great success. Twice a month we have been taking along the 10 tubs and giving some young people of varying abilities the opportunity to have a go at firstly playing with the Raspberry Pi’s, maybe starting some of the games and then interacting withing the game with computer code.  When you make a promise to be able to make an explosion with TNT in Minecraft it normally gets a positive response.

    One of the regulars who has been very keen to keep coming back is really enjoying the Raspberry Pi, starting with connecting LED’s, then moving to Minecraft coding, learning about loops and variables, now on to listening to Twitter for a specific hashtag, then Tweeting something when it’s seen.