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    Sonic pi music code girl power!

    We tried out the fantastic Sonic Pi application that comes with every Rasberry Pi. It was girls vs boys and it was a winner for the girls (boys can get so distracted!). 

    Sonic Pi comes with a great tutorial and gives users the chance to make their own creative, random and simple or complex musical arrangement, beats, effects or just a snazzy ring tone for your phone. Whole scores can be made or you can put a few ready made ‘samples’ together to make your own sounds and tunes.

    Here is a simple example of code, it then gets more complex with loops, fades, chimes and effects.

    play 42
    sleep 0.5
    play 45
    sleep 0.85
    play 54
    sleep 1

    You can live code changing the outcomes as the tunes or effects are played and you learn how to dissect other peoples code and and write your own code – with great fun along the way.

    Then we start to offer loops to make sounds more like a tune,

    5.times do
         play 42
         sleep 0.5
         play 30
         sleep 1


    And then much more weighty and fun! Check out the Sonic Pi website as well as signing up to our mailing list 


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